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Insectrap with Barrier


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Product Description

This is the same product as Insectrap SKU 003 but with an enclosure around the trap to prevent accidental trapping of wildlife & non-target animals.
The enclosure cage can be removed and re-used on Insectrap SKU 003.

No pesticides or harmful chemicals.
It attracts and traps the Citrus Gall Wasp and Fruit Fly, including the Mediterranean Fruit Fly (Medfly).
Controls and reduces pest population.
Disposable unit. Attractant lasts for 3-4 months from date of exposing the holes at the top.

Application - Remove from packaging and gently push the enclosure upwards then hold the bottom of the stick with one hand. With the other hand twist the top end to expose the holes. The attractant is released from these holes. Hang on outer limbs by its hook. Discard when outer surface is full of insects and replace with a new one.

Citrus Gall Wasp – Popular citrus trees are prone to attack from citrus gall wasps. The larvae form a gall or bump on the limbs of trees causing reduction in crop yield and branch dieback. Insectrap attracts the citrus gall wasps to its sticky formula and they become permanently trapped, unable to lay eggs that become larvae. Insectrap interrupts their life cycle and helps to reduce their population. Without Insectrap the tree can be infected continuously.
Hang Insectrap - August to February. Hang 2 units for trees up to 2 metres in height and 4 units for trees above 2 metres in height.
Affected areas – Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia.

Fruit Fly – Fruit Flies, including the Mediterranean Fruit Fly attack the fruit on many varieties of fruit trees, damaging the fruit so it’s unsuitable for consumption. Insectrap attracts fruit flies to its sticky formula where they become permanently trapped, protecting your fruit crop from infestation.
Hang Insectrap- Will vary depending on the type of fruit fly that is targeted as fruit fly activity is temperature dependent.
Mediterranean Fruit Fly – Spring to Autumn. In winter, Med Fly are active when temperatures exceed 12°.
Affected Areas – Western Australia

To remove sticky formula from hands, use eucalyptus oil, vegetable oil, mineral spirits.

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